Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sex Education

The meaning of sex education is different as conceived by general people. In modern days, it is synonymously used as family life education. it provides the learning experiences of the development of sexual urge and patterns of sexual behaviors to youth. It is an educational program as a population education. It develops healthy interpersonal relationship, feeling of satisfaction and feeling of responsibility among parents to marry their children at appropriate age. Similarly, sex education helps adolescents to be prepared mentally for adult and old age. Our society has negative attitude on reading, discussing and behaving about sexual matters. Similarly, our society has misconception on sex as masturbation harms the health: women are the means for giving birth to the child, woman has and important role in sex determination of child, etc. are some of the examples. Therefore, sexual and reproductive health is required to bring changes in such misconception. Sex education is a process of binging changes in knowledge, attitude and practice forwards sexual urge and behaviors. Most people even have misconception that sex education teaches young people about sexual activities and skills. Sex education is not the sexology. In fact, sex education deals with different queries on sex related issues which ultimately helps them to maintain abstinence. Sex education provides knowledge, attitude and skills on safer sexual behavior. This will prevent unwanted pregnancy. Mental tension, STDs, HIV and AIDS.

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